Developer: KoramGame Ltd.
Platform: Internet browsers


Everlight is an upcoming free-to-play browser-based fantasy action role-playing game (ARPG) that takes place in an ancient fantasy world where lost civilizations, myths and legends aren't hearsay, but an everyday reality. Players may choose from 4 unique classes - Mage, Oracle, Warrior or Ranger – in order to hack and slash their way through the lost city ofAtlantisto unravel the truth behind their lineage.


The Atlantis civilisation or the Civilisation of Light was an ancient kingdom where citizens lived in purity. A land without war, famine or plague, Atlantis flourished under her citizens of utmost integrity. When the Atlantean guardians banished the fallen gods to the edge of Atlantis – the Time Rift – and sealed them away with the Lunar Crystal, the armies of darkness revered this as their source of power. The moment they smashed open the seal was when sheer evil blanketed Atlantis. Unwilling to see their civilisation razed to ashes, the descendants of Atlantis once again revealed their lost city to mortal eyes.

In this world where gods reigned, the union of god and man was taboo, and such happenstances were dealt with harshly, and sometimes with death. Nevertheless, the physical shells of a certain Titan and mortal were united. The seed grew into a young sapling, eventually blossoming into a fully-fledged form. It didn’t know its origins, and the deeper, more esoteric meanings of its lineage. That it would be the beacon of light the Mayans foretold, and the herald to Atlantis’ salvation: the Everlight.


-    Legendary story background based on Greek mythology

-    4 unique playable classes

-    Lots of customisation options through Transcendence and Horoscope systems

-    Fully-fledged pet and mount systems as well as epic gear

-    Clan & Legion features

-    Wide range of unique and engaging events

-    Browser-based & completely free-to-play


The game offers 4 playable classes players are able to choose from, each with unique abilities.


Brave and willing to take most of the damage, warriors are born for battle. Their strong physical damage and perfect defence brings great advantages for close combat. These powerful defenders’ duty is to protect their party. Their ability to survive in dangerous situations is second to none.


Masters of the elements, mages have a powerful magical ability and are able to work the elements to their advantage. They are the most formidable damage dealer. Though their self defence is relatively weak, their free attack range makes them great long-range killers.


Prophets are highly intelligent, prudent and have great leadership skills. They can assist with unusual magic as magic staffs and orbs are their weapons of choice. They may look gentle, but their powerful magic can make their enemies shudder.


Both agile and swift, rangers can kill targets in the blink of an eye. Their defence is weak, meaning they are not skilled at melee combat. However, their agility makes up for this weakness. Due to high dodge and accuracy, rangers are the biggest variable in the war.


Enhancing Constellation will improve the character attributes which will increase from Constellation I to Constellation X. In order to do so, SP and gold is needed. SP can be received by blessing, using crystal bottles filled with energy (which can be bought from other players) and completing events or quests.

If the Star Defender Progress of the Constellation Total Attribute is high, the character will get a special attribute title with enhanced combat ability and attribute.


Upon reaching level 30, characters can follow a quest line to receive their first mount. However, better mounts like War Dragon and Erratic Brute can be bought in the Mall. Each character initially has 2 slots for mounts, but can pay to expand the slots.

Mounts have their own attributes of HP, Attack, Defence, Hit and Dodge, which can be enhanced. They need to be fed in order to keep their HP high and can be used during combat with the risk to loose them when they get killed. Through evolution, players are able to increase the mount’s movement speed and to decrease its rate to be killed.


Players are able to enjoy the game’s combat aid function that lets characters fight automatically. The VIP combat aid automatically grants double EXP and revives the character in the place when the required items for revival are at hand.


Everlight features a huge variety of unique events players can take part in every day. When entering, for example, the battlefield during the event time, you may choose between the Trojan War and the Race of Champions. While in Trojan War clans fight against each other in order to destroy the opponent clan’s “Guardian Crystal” to become the winner, the Race of Champion sees up to 160 players involved in a battle that lasts 15 min, whereupon the best 32 players will enter the Promotion Race in order to determine the final winner.


Minimum requirements
OS: Windows 2000/ XP
CPU: Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 650 MB free space
VGA: DirectX compatible 64 MB RAM graphic card
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card

Recommended settings
OS: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7
CPU: Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz
HDD: 650 MB free space
VGA: DirectX compatible 128 MB RAM graphic card
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card



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