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Endless Fury is a free to play browser-based MMO that focuses on character customisation and PVP gameplay where players can create and customise their own characters, define their own fighting style and unlock new skills and abilities to build up devastating combos that they can unleash in battle during real-time combat.


  • Real-time combat against players from around the world

  • A wide variety of skills to create stunning unique combos

  • In-depth story driven plot line with single player main quests

  • Elite and Inferno modes to give an extra challenge to different stages

  • Deadly and challenging bosses that yield great rewards

  • Train, Enhance and use the Mentorship system to increase your abilities

  • Numerous unique events and daily quests

  • PVP arena focused combat

  • Create your own Guild with other players

  • Free to play

  • Browser-based


The core of the game focuses around customising your characters, training them up to increase their attributes and fighting prowess, learning new skills and combining them to create powerful attack combos used in PvE against enemies during quests or when fighting players in PVP.


The game itself has a main quest line that players can play through, ideally suited to solo play that revolves around your character; a youngster who has recently broken out of the lab, not knowing what experiments were going on there all you know is that you’re filled with a mysterious energy that gives you an unimaginable power. Players must go up against the mysterious organisation responsible for your incarceration on a quest to find out their origin, battling all manner of enemies and monsters along the way.

Following the main quest players will clear stages, gain rewards and bonuses as well as high amount of EXP to level up. The Main Stage that players will progress through can be attempted on either Easy or Hard setting, this stage is ideal for single players who can attempt the hard difficulty setting for an extra challenge and extra rewards. For even more of a challenge players can tackle Elite instances, which are much harder than the main stage with a far stronger Boss mob to take down, but are the main places to gain Orange and Purple gear, however players are limited to the number of attempts they can make on an Elite instance per day.


Throughout the game players will continue to increase their own character abilities and learning new skills, which are put together to make combo attacks in battle and can typically be learned from the different residents of Tai Sen City, particularly special Masters that can aid you significantly. Players are able to upgrade their skills and the damage it deals, the higher the skill level the more reach points it costs and has different effects when used.

Characters attributes revolve around a variety of different stats such as their Max Hit Points, Normal Attack Damage, Normal Crit Rate, Special Defenses and more. Players are able to boost their characters attributes by levelling up or spending silver, typically earned through completing quests, daily challenges and events. Players can also access the Training feature where their character can train on their own to increase their attributes, particularly useful if a player reaches a stage that they cannot pass on their own, alternatively they can use the Enhancing feature to boost their gear, which requires silver and an Enhance Stone.


Gear comes in four different forms, increasing in rarity and power: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange that can be equipped to give extra attribute bonuses, and can be enhanced for extra benefits. Alternatively players can visit a Weapon Dealer to Decompose items and retrieve bottle caps which can then be redeemed for a treasure chest, which in turn may give better and more useful equipment.


Players are able to fight against each other in the arena in real-time combat, match together with players of similar levels for 1v1 combat. During combat round each player is given the chance to revive three times, giving themselves are both each time, the first player to kill their opponent three times is the winner netting themselves PK Stars and Prestige.


Web Browser


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