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Ecol Tactics is a pixel sprite graphics MMORPG that is free to play through your web browser which features tactical turn-based combat as you recruit mercenaries to fight against monsters and evil creatures. Gather your team, build up their skills and tackle this in-depth MMO all its classic features including gear upgrading, character customisation and crafting.

Main Features

Story - with a diverse Of characters with their own storylines Ecol Tactics’ epic story will take you across four different continents, through hundreds of quests and into the depths of endless dungeons.

Class Customisation - with four mercenary classes available you can customise your characters skills and equipment without being locked to any one class as you are free to switch between them whenever you like.

Tactics - plays like old style classic RPG’s with fun, tactical, turn-based strategy.

Full MMO - features all aspects of an MMORPG including guilds, auction houses, PVP battlegrounds and a ranking system.



Each with Their Own Costumes and options for customisation players can choose from four different classes:

Archer - with arrows laced with poison to weaken, storm and injure enemies, the arch is a long ranged deadly opponent who has perfected single target damage and aspects of crowd control.

Fighter - taking control of the battlefield able to shift enemies positions using brute force whilst their allies assault them with killing blows, the fighter fights with all manner of swords, daggers and blades.

Mage - using stats and ones the mage is able to take control of their enemies, deal out huge AOEs and summon minions, as magic users go the mage is that the top of their class.

Cleric - Masters of the healing touch, the cleric can repair all manner of injuries and wounds accumulated by their companions, even poison and paralysis is not too much for the cleric.

System Requirements

Internet connection


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