Dungeon Defenders II

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Trendy Entertainment



This free to play MMO, designed on the Unreal Engine 3, is a combination of RPG and classic 3D tower defence game is that create a fast-paced and addictive game. Players can step into the shoes of four fully customisable classes, each of which can be equipped with a variety of different items, skills and new tower options for intensive Co-op combat.


- RPG meets Tower Defense MMO

- local and online gameplay

- four player co-op’s with four different classes

- build, repair and combined towers for explore the results

- fight wave after wave of mobs defending sub objectives and your main gate

- Free to play


Etheria, a realm of living legends, revered after their long war against the immortal evil that had been known as “The Old Ones” that had resulted in brave warriors across the land banding together and these powerful champions locking the Old Ones away. Trapped in powerful Etheria crystals the Old Ones waited, but now they have been set free, ravaging the land and once more the champions have been called forth to take back Etheria!


The Squire - heavy, armoured defender able to place down blockade and strong defensive towers

The Apprentice - an elemental wizard who can summon cyclone attacks and place fire and ice towers

The Monk - a classic support role able to telepathically push enemies into other lanes with his Chi and build buffing and aerial attack towers

The Huntress - powerful ranged bow attacks combined with oil traps and geyser traps to propel enemies into the air


players just work together as a team to defend their main castle gate from being destroyed by wave after wave of enemy opponents, to do this players must place down various turrets/towers to hold back the invading forces whilst moving around the map as their character and using their own character and abilities as well, acting almost as a mobile tower themselves.

Each game switches between build phase and combat phase, in build phase the players must place down their towers prior to the wave of enemies attacking, in easy mode players have an unlimited amount of time to do this and simply click when they are ready to commence the combat phase, however in harder difficulties there is a time limit as to how long they get to prepare. Once combat mode begins waves will come into the area from different lanes, following a set path as is typical to a tower defence game, and try to smash their way through the towers en route to the main castle gate. In the combat phase players are still able to place down towers, as well as repairing them and upgrading them into more superior versions, to do any of these actions it costs tower mana, which can be looted from chests around the environment or dropped from mobs when killed.

There are a number of mobs that will appear with each wave, indicated by a counter in the top right of the screen, and a number of waves that must be defended and held back until the game is won. With each wave the mobs grow in strength, indicated by a change in their physical appearance e.g. orcs starting with no armour in the first wave after lip armoured Shields and maces in the last wave.


The characters must run around the environments identifying the areas that are weak on defences and holding back enemies with their own attacks, placing turrets all repairing ones that are damage. Players can be quickly placed with a quick click of a button from the hotkey and then the player chooses which direction they wish to aid them as identified by an area of attack reticle. Players are actively involved in the combat and if they die they cannot join back in the combat until the timer has run down.


 One of the unique features of the game is the ability to combine the effects of different towers, for example, fire tower will set multiple targets on fire when their hit, however if a player also puts down and oil tower the fire tower will set that oil on fire making the entire area burn. Similarly an anti-air turret can only shoot airborne targets, however the Huntress can place her geyser tower which will fire enemies up into the air so that the anti-air turret can then target them. As well is using traps to shoot enemies in the air the apprentice can also use his cyclone attack which has the same affect.


 Whilst defending the main castle gate the primary objective, the team must also be wary of defending the sub objectives, typically seen in the form of other city gates. When the locking mechanisms on these sub objectives are destroyed then it will open up a new lane in the next wave, meaning players must move their defences, change their tactics and spread their resources more thinly to create a harder game.


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