Dragon’s Call


Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: Evedream Studio


In the game players are able to armed their characters the numerous magical weapons and training up powerful skills and abilities as they journey across the mysterious in this browser, 2-D turn-based MMORPG.


The land beset on all sides by a Orcish horde uprising, ancient and dark Dragons that seek to end slave the lower races and other dark shadows that continues the creep in the darkness that plot and prepare for the ever-growing storm that approaches. The kingdoms are in tatters the death and disappearance of a number of monarchs and these mighty empires grow weaker as their rivals seek to claim leadership for their own.

Rise as a fledgling adventurer, seeking to make their name, fame and fortune and create your own legacy.

Playable Classes

There are three available classes to play in the game:

Assassin: Nimble Knight Errant - agile and swift and assassin strikes quickly and precisely at their enemies whilst dodging any attacks aimed at them with ease.

Mage: Control of Magic - powerful long ranged combatants they are able to harness their magic and focus it into devastating attacks and are a formidable sight to behold

Warrior: King of Power - with an improved vitality and armed with giant swords and heavy plate armour they are dangerous up close in melee combat and whilst not the greatest damage dealers they are able to shrug off most blows that would fell any other man

Training Field

Within the town’s an available training Field where players can work on their characters skills by coordinating the bot to attack a specific amount of time it monsters. Items do not drop in this area and there is less XP to be gained compared to using the bot out in the wild areas. However, players are able to attack more enemies here and as they are completely safe it will not have to consume their Dragon Coins.

Jobs System

When a player works from place to place they will attain reputation rewards, XP and gold. When their reputation hits a specific level they will be rewarded with unexpected surprises and preferential treatment.

The Arena

In every town there is a battle arena where players can enter and challenge other players who have a rank within one to nine places of their own will stop by defeating this opponents in a challenge player will earn both credits and Honour, as well as taking their defeated opponents rank, however if a player loses the challenge then they will lose credits, and similarly as both if they were the ones challenged they lose their rank. At 21:00 every day the top nine arena fighters are given their honour points and credits by the arena administrators.

Auto Fighting System

This system allows players a more enjoyable and casual gaming experience so that they can grind with an automated combat system when they are too busy to be in front of the computer. This system is particularly useful when players are required to kill an exceptionally large number of enemies, on top of this any item drops will instantly go to the players’ personal mailbox.

 System Requirement

Web Browser





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