GENRE: Free to play Shooter
DEVELOPER: Neowiz Games & NSStudio


Dizzel is a team based shooter MMO where players fight against each other with up to 8 people per team across a variety of maps and game modes, able to equip and customise their loadouts and weapons to engage in bloody free to play battles.


- Multiple game modes
- A variety of maps
- Cover mechanics and deadly attacks
- Customise your own gear inventory
- Hire or purchase weapons with currency
- Competitive ranked gameplay
- Free to play


Dizzel goes beyond fast-paced PVP shooter combat, the speed at which players manoeuvre across the battlefields, kill each other with brutal executions and then jump back into the game creates a constant stream of high octane fun. Using classic shooter mechanics or up close and brutal melee weapons and grenades the kills come quick and easy in the game, players gaining power up achievements as they go on combo rampage kills, but with quick respawn rates players are back in the game in no time.


Depending on the game mode and map players will have to utilise different tactics, but working together is a sure fire way to dominate the enemy. With a cover mechanic players are able to push all the way into the enemy base where they respawn upon dying, meaning getting a good lead and early defences is vital to success in battle.


The games can hold up to 8 players per team and when creating a room players are able to alter a variety of functions such as the game length of time, the required Kill Count Goal/Points Goal as well as auto balancing and friendly fire. Dizzel hosts such classics as Team Deathmatch and Demolition as well as a Melee Only and Shotgun Only game mode for some more up close and personal bloody combat.

There are a wide variety of maps available, from smaller more enclosed areas suitable for lower team numbers, to large maps for a full roster. Ranging from military compounds, underground facilities, old cities to a cathedral and battleship, the maps offer up different tactics and challenges as well as certain maps being geared towards particular game modes.


Players have access to a wide variety of gear to equip their character with; breaking down into various different categories players will be able to arm themselves with rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, melee weapons, grenades and more. Each weapon has its own stats that help players determine what weapon is best for them, such as trading in power for precision or vice versa.

Players are able to hire new weapons to add to their arsenal using the in game Dizzel credits currency, earned through playing matches and completing missions, players are able to rent out these weapons for a few days before they are removed from their infantry. Alternatively players can use the Premium currency “Astros” to purchase weapons and add them to their arsenal permanently, the two currencies creating a helpful try before you buy system.


As well as gear players are also able to unlock various skills that they can equip their character with to give them added bonuses when in battle, skills such as Shield Increase that increases a players defences when activated, Damage Increase which increases all output damage by 1.5x or the deadly Enhance Rifle which allows players to trade out precision with the added recoil but allows for instant kills.


Players can check daily random missions to get secondary objectives when playing the various PVP matches, these missions change every day and can consist of tasks such as playing a certain map or game mode a number of times, killing five enemies with a melee weapon or rifle or killing a single enemy with a grenade. Players earn in game currency when they successfully complete missions.


The game offers competitive gameplay and subsequently players are able to work towards reaching the top of the leaderboard for extra bonuses, the leaderboard breaks down into different categories such as the Weekly leader, All-time leader or the leader between your friends and clan members. Leaderboards also break down to show who has the most EXP, the best Kill / Death ratio, or simply the most Wins.


OS: Win XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 2.3 GHz
Video: GeForce 7600 or higher
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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