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6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Good graphics, gameplay and controls

Early leads and pinning players in their spawn location/base camping ruins the game


We recently sat down and played the new first person shooter Dizzel from OG Planet, a fast-paced modern’ish near-future shooter that is free to play with up to 8v8 PVP combat costing a variety of game modes and maps for some action packed combat. Working our way through the tutorial that teaches us the basics we learned how to switch between weapons, including automatic rifle, grenades and melee power axes and also the basics of the cover system where players can take cover and shoot without fully revealing themselves. The controls are pretty easy to pick up and quite intuitive using the WASD keys and mouse to move and look around.

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The game features a typical loadout system where players get to choose their weapons and gear and equip them prior to jumping into a match, there are plenty of items to choose from that can be earned by completing matches and daily missions to acquire currency and buying them through the in game shop.

Our first main battle for our test run, prior to recording, was played on the Doha Bazaar map where we quickly learned just how easy you are to kill with some well-placed shots and the right weapon. As ever an enemy sniper at the other end of the very small middle eastern market map sat picking our team off for quite some time as sniper rifle range could reach across the market square with ease and fire almost directly into the room that we spawned in. From here our team was on the back foot, pinned down and forced to defend to the point where the enemy constantly ran into our base literally killing usare soon as we spawned. We lost. Not the best welcome to the game.

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For our second match, another team death match where it is the first team to score a certain amount of kills before the game ends (there are other game modes available, but all three that we ended up in were team death matches). We ended up on the Venice maps where climate change has dried up the watery canals, but leaving functional bridges that players fight across. The maps in general seem to be pretty symmetrical and early in the game the enemy team managed to take the central bridge giving them a clear line of sight to any of the access points we needed to go down to reach them and they defended them well. Whilst this definitely shows some good teamwork and strong defensive play it also further emphasised a growing concern/issue we were beginning to see with the game. Once more we were absolutely annihilated as our team struggled to get out of our pinned location and after five minutes of the 10 minute game length the enemy had already reached the 60 required kills to claim victory in comparison to our 27 kills…

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Our final fight was on the Waterway, a much larger map than the other two (though still classified as only being a medium sized map) the matchmaking had initially launched the game with five players on our team and three players on the enemy team. With such a large map it actually took a while before we even found anybody and then once we had managed to block off the main routes out of their base we had them trapped and for a long time it was a very one way battle. Interestingly when a few of the enemy team quit and there were two players remaining the actually started to do much better with their less skilled teammates no longer giving up easy kills to the enemy. However, once more the game highlighted how valuable it is to get an early lead and how easy it is to pin the enemy in their base and dominate a match, which creates quite a game breaking problem the fact that players can get so close to the spawn location i.e. in it.

Whilst the game looks good, characters move easy and combat is fast-paced and exciting the game isn’t without its own problems and unless you were playing competitively in clan-based games simply playing the game as a casual pick up would probably be quite frustrating after a while.

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2 Comments - "Dizzel Review"

  1. Cory January 27, 2015 at 3:29 PM -

    It’s true that this game has spawn camping and snipers with an advantage. I’m glad there are no pay to win weapons. You can basically pay for weapons to avoid grinding.

  2. Asashii February 20, 2015 at 8:37 AM -

    Warning this game will end April 2015 it is shutting down. Don’t play or spend money to play it !!!

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