in the ultimate universe where mankind now lives below the ocean Deepolis is a free to play 2-D MMORPG that can be played directly in your Internet browser. Where three factions fight for control players must align themselves and fight for survival in these unknown surroundings. The game is PVP enabled as well as having a number of features as seen in other Bigpoint games.

Main Features

Sandbox - an open world which encourages exploration
player interaction - one of the key elements of the game is play interaction and PVP is encouraged

full movement - Delve into the ocean depths with the z-axis movement

The Factions
there are three factions within the game wrapped up in an endless war, as a submarine commander you must choose your side and fight for the Empire you have aligned yourself to:

The Nauts: descended from Artic researchers they are open to trade with both factions, considering themselves to be truly neutral, and there submarines are a well-balanced in comparison to those of the other factions.

The Scion: locked in a more aggressive war with the Jafnhar, the Scion favour defensive capabilities over offensive, ensuring their salts have strong armour plating.

The Jafnhar – many Jafnhar can trace their ancestral heritage back to Japanese and Russian military officials, in Deepolis they make up for the more aggressive faction locked in war with the Scion, the primary targets of their sonic cannons.

System Requirements
Internet connection


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