Dark Era

Dark Era


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Browser-based


Dark Era is a traditional quest-based Asian inspired MMORPG for Internet browsers with a mini-client download where players must level up, improve their character, acquire gear loot and overcome great enemies as they progress through an epic storyline.


- Three available player classes
- In depth story driven content
- Stunning graphics
- PVE based features
- Acquire powerful artifacts from ancient heroes
- PVP battlefield
- Automated Combat
- Free to play
- Browser Client gameplay


Set in a future age where the forces of evil set to bring the return of the Abyss Lord after the Evil-God Wars. A turbulent time of chaos you rise as a hero, a warrior of your time sent back through time to seek out and destroy ancient Phantoms looking to change the future by altering the past, seeking out great heroes of their age in order to bring the return of their evil master. Journey back through various eras, find such iconic legends as Robin Hood, Caesar, Joan of Arc and others and save them.


The core of the game follows a traditional Asian style RPG format, players must complete quests to both progress the story and earn XP and rewards in the form of currency and items, through levelling up and acquiring gear players will over time raise their Battle Ratting score (BR), which lets other players know how tough they are. Early portions of the game focus mostly on single player content such as questing, solo dungeons and features to enhance their character. Late game transitions into more group focused gameplay with more difficult dungeons, team PVP and other greater challenges that can’t be completed by lone players. Features are unlocked as players level up, these revolve mostly around various ways to increase BR, or events to acquire unique items, resources and high level gear.


The game has three classes available: Berserker, Mage and the Assassin, each has skills unique to its class that are levelled up as players gain XP, the Assassin is a duel sword wielding melee fighter that focuses mostly on single target burst damage, the Berserker wields a huge sword and is a defensive and offensive melee master, whereas the Mage focuses on a range of long distance spell attacks to inflict AOE attacks.

Combat is generally target based and used hot keys to cast spells and perform actions, which uses mana and players must also manage their health pool with a range of consumables to keep them in battle.


The game heavily features automated systems ranging from characters picking up quests and autopathing to the needed quest location to kill the necessary enemies, fighting them in automated combat, then returning to the NPC to hand in the quest when completed and pick up the next one. Players have some control over their auto-combat features, ranging from choosing how low they want their hitpoints to get before using healing potions, how often to use abilities, when to resurrect, etc. The game is essentially fully automated and if left alone characters will even equip gear and no input from the player is needed so that they can grind through content or go AFK.


A number of features will help improve a players BR:

God Power Skill – By collecting God Power Souls players can boost their combat power and character damage by summoning a specific deity and infusing their powers, ranging from active skills to passive boosts

Beast Growth – Beast Souls are used to level up a pet companion, by feeding them Beast Gems earned through the Beast Den feature they will grow stronger in power and can be merged with their player master to give them new abilities

Holy Mark – Earning Blessing Points players can spend them to upgrade the holy mark attributes, including Attack, Hit Points, Crit, Defense and Defense Break, which boost attributes and combat power


The game features a variety of events that players can participate in as solo adventurers or as a team, ranging from defeating World Bosses for epic gear, PVP battlegrounds where players fight in teams to gather resources, or various treasure hunt style mini-games to earn great rewards.


Client browser download


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