City of Steam: Arcadia

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Internet Browser
Developed By: Mechanist Games


In City of Steam players explore and discover a wondrous part magic part machine world where everything within it is operated by clockwork, arcane technology or steam power including many of the inhabitants themselves. With wonderful graphics developed using Unity 3D technology in this free to play MMORPG players can explore, take on quests, discover new and exciting dungeons and fight with other players in PVP, all within their Internet browser.

Main Features

- Five available factions to play with a total of nine races and four different classes

- Large selection of character and gear customisation

- Action combat takes place in real time

- Craft and customise equipment with purchased items or salvaged materials

- Optional PVP features

- “Challenge Dungeon” system

- Can be played through your Internet browser without a client download


The ancient Paragons centuries try to control the World Machine, and mechanical monstrosity powered by never-ending energy, but they were destroyed in their attempts in the world was left shattered. The races that flourished have long since tried to uncover the Paragons secrets, cobbling together their mysteries to help them in their daily lives, from goblins, half mechanised dwarfs and the humans whose mighty empires have risen to claim dominance throughout the Heartlands.

Refugees will begin their adventure at a once great city state where the Paragons fell; the industrial metropolis of Nexus.

The Five Factions

When a player sets up their own Company/Guild they must pledge themselves to one of the five factions that are vying for control of the Oracle, each of which bestows a unique bonus upon its affiliates.

The Arbiters - overseeing war and order the arbiters are the rulers of the court

The Chroniclers - the caretakers of the Nexan University the Chroniclers are dealers of intelligence

The Consortium - these merchants covet the resource is of the city

The Explicators - the shadowy branch from the Liber Explicatum church

The Spireguards - making up the military branch of Nexus, the Spireguards defend the Borders of Nexus

Playable Races

There are nine available races to choose from:

The Avens - the well-educated humans from the patriarchal society of the Avenoss Republic are famed for their arcane engineering

The Draug - residing within their ancient noble homesteads, the reclusive ashen skinned Draug guard what is left of their fading influence and wealth

The Goblins - small, quick and cunning greenskins the manic goblins have an insatiable curiosity which is often as not has gotten them into deep trouble

The Heartlanders – the cosmopolitan humans of those city states that make up the heartland are blessed with wisdom, cunning, pragmatism and most importantly power

The Hobbes - strong, disciplined and favouring hierarchical military tradition these greenskins excel in both endurance and strength

The Orcs - the majority of their kin are adventurers, the strongest and often most intimidating people of not only the greenskins but of all the races

The Ostenians - divided between the church and their king the humans from the holy kingdom of Ostenia are blunt, proud, opinionated and whilst extremely religious also very romantic

The Riven - these charismatic nobles always seem to rise to the top, be that in government, high Society or on the battlefield, they are beautiful, passionate but a short lived people

The Stoigmari - the humans of the Stomar Empire are a hardened people with stubborn spirits and an industrial, ethical nature they are equally famed for their strong liquor

Playable Classes

There are four available classes that players can choose from:

The Arcanist - these powerful elementalists can wield ice, lightning and fire in a myriad of destructive abilities with the use of their advanced aetheric manipulator

The Channeler - harnessing the Mechanisms ‘music they are able to aid their companions with powerful buffs and destroy unworthy enemies with blinding radiance

The Gunner - a versatile combatant they are skilled marksman with the ability to make siege engines from normal firearms, use occult trigger magic as well as dabbling in soul magic

The Warder - skilled in leadership and personal duty these melee combatant specialists are warriors with matched defensive capabilities and are able to call up their ancient allies

Premium Currency

There are two forms of currency within the game, Shillings which are the typical and currency and Electrum which are the premium currency used to purchase various items, weapons and upgrades in various shops throughout the world. The intent is to have micro-transactions which are focused only on convenience features such as reducing travel times, largest stashes, etc.

System Requirement

Operating System: Win XP/ Mac OS X v10.6 or higher
Processor: 2.33 GHz or faster and x86-comaptible
Memory: 2GB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 100MB
Plug-ins: Unity Web Player


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