Castle of Heroes

Genre: Free to play Fantasy Strategy MMO
Platform: Internet Browsers
Developer: Suzhou Snail


This mediaeval fantasy-based free to play browser game is one of the most popular games in China, here thousands of players compete against each other to build up their own Castle, raise up a grand Army, forge powerful alliances as mighty heroes embark on an epic journey across the land facing dangerous threats and terrible creatures.

The Game

Conflicts between the Humans, Orcs, Undead and Elven races is played out in a strategic war type game based around the well-known Heroes of Might and Magic.

Castles and Resources

Within each player’s Castle they have access to 5 main resources that they will need: Ore, lumber, gold, sulphur and crystal, each of which are needed in order to raise up the military army for construct useful and important buildings. These resources build themselves up every hour even if the player is not logged in, however players can only hold a set amount of resources at once, though this value can be increased by improving warehouses and research skills.

As players earn more experience and level up their resource output rate will increase gradually meaning they can build even more impressive Castle fortresses and even greater armies to defend their territory and fight their enemies.

The Heroes

It is the duty of every great hero to lead the men below them into battle to try and earn victory for their Lord or to rally defences at their Masters castles when they are under siege. Heroes can be recruited from taverns, once hired into your armour they are under your command and can be trained and developed to better lead your armies.

System Requirement

Internet Connection, Java

Web:  Castle of Heroes


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