Call of Gods


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-       No download required, play straight in your browser

-       Free-to-play game

-       War setting between various races and alliances

-       Interesting quests that reveal more background lore

-       Create powerful alliances with other players

-       Challenging dungeons

-       In-depth achievements available

-       Sleek graphics and sound


Call of Gods mixes simulation games into the MMORPG genre in a game that revolves around a devastating war between the Gods. In this free to play browser game you find yourself as a Lord who has to rule over and protect their kingdom, improve your castle and raise a strong army to defend yourself against monsters and players whilst facing other challenges and tasks that may come your way.


Call of Gods has a complex and involved combat system that will take into many factors top determine your victories and defeats on the field of war; unit types and positions and hero attributes are such examples that factor heavily into your successes. Unit movement is turn based, with the fastest units moving first (those with the highest Speed such as Flying Units or Cavalry), with slower units following up last (eg. Archers and Infantry). As you play Call of Gods over time you will unlock new available units to add into your army opening up a much wider range of tactics and strategy.


Commanding your troops are the many heroes of the land, recruited from taverns heroes come with various scales of “Potential”, from the budding adventurer to the veteran legend, choosing the right hero to lead your units is an important step when assembling your army. Heroes have their own sets of stats and will level up through combat, they also come in one of four different specialities; Attack, Defense, Agility and Balanced, their speciality often determining their ideal role. Typically a Defense or Agility hero acts better as a tank and goes well with melee Infantry, whereas Balanced and Attack heroes fall short on the amount of damage they can take but are excellent when paired up with ranged units.


-       Humans: Worshippers of the Dragon of Light the humans are staunch supporters of law and order, the hardships and setback the humans have faced in history have always been overcome due to this. Brave and courageous on the battlefield, the humans have proven they have the grit to push on and succeed even in the darkest of times.

-       Elves: Worshippers of the Dragon of Earth the elven doctrine is a co-existence and respect of nature and all its creatures. Graceful, noble and secluded the elves keep contact with other races at a minimum, ancient beings themselves they have seen the rise and fall of many threats in the worlds history.

-       Undead: Worshippers of the Dragon of Life the undead were driven from their places of rest by the humans and elves, they wait to bring their vengeance upon the living, believing death to be the ultimate bringer of peace and order. The undead now await the return of undead heroes to bring their nation to glory.


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