Broken Realm

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centuries have passed since the events that to place in crystal saga, the realm now finds itself is locked in war as those families that would see to claim the crown battle amongst themselves to declare themselves ruler of Vidalia. In this free to play MMORPG your journey will take you across the realm in search of one who is worthy of the position, a difficult task when murder, theft and betrayal seek you out at every turn.

 Main Features

-          an in-depth storyline

-          up to 12 available classes to play

-          improve your own battle rating as you gain more knowledge through the wisdom system by studying your enemies and learning their weaknesses

-          fight powerful Dragons and loot their horde for yourself

-          competitive dungeons where players can try to top the leaderboard in so low, multiplayer and even player versus player enabled dungeons

-          turn any monster within the game into your own pet companion

-          treasure hunts, battlegrounds, PVP battles, boss fights and more in weekly activities and daily events


ice queen and the on dead have been defeated and now the realm of Vidalia has seen in years of peace and prosperity under the gentle rule of King Valcroy. When warrior queen Hitomi VII was claimed by the hands of an assassin her lack of heir tore her family apart as the infighting and feuds for who would lay claim to the title began.

The strongest claim went to Prince Rycroft, a dangerous and power hungry man he was able to take over the capital of Everglade and positioning himself as the new king. Though the realm is now stable the constant threats on the King and his claim has sent the lands spiralling into constant war.


Mage - made his are able to utilise both their healing powers and devastating spells to be a major benefit to any party. They can specialise as Warlock; an elemental master who can take down large groups quickly, a cleric who can utilise the divine powers and light to both heal and destroy or as a Chrononaut they can travel between space and time, using it against their enemies.

Archer – using long ranged bow attacks and a variety of traps to keep enemies at bay the arch is both swift and deadly. They can focus on being a Marksman, with their keen eye they can quickly spot where an enemy is most weak, and Assassin can use such powerful abilities as turning their enemies to stone, or finally the Phantom as the masses of stealth they are able to blend in to a crowd even as far as walking beside the enemies unseen.

Barbarian – strength, vigour and pure physical power stand the Barbarians out amongst the rest as far as sheer melee prowess. A Barbarian can advance themselves towards becoming a berserker, a short temper and unparalleled strength make them extra deadly, a That prevails in combat tactics and utilises them in battle, and a Lord has the most defensive capabilities and can directly aid companions in surviving attacks from the enemy.

Paladin - embracing balance the Paladin uses both might and magic in their attacks, acting quickly and taking enemies unaware. As a Pyroblade they can enchant their weapon with elemental fire increasing their physical strength, the frost blade uses elemental cold to attack their enemies from a distance, and the spirit blade infuses their weapons with the power of their very soul increasing their own healing abilities and magic in defence.

Military Ranking

By completing quests, competing in battlegrounds, killing players and earning honour a player can increase the military rank of their character, receiving a new promotion and rank which in turn increases characters attributes. A daily payment determined by your rank is paid to each player and the option of using unique PVP gear sets, that can be bought using insignia earned from the battlegrounds.

Enchanting and Crafting

Players can create all manner of weaponry and gear by a creating items from base components and materials using the Forge interface, recycle old equipment to gain usable resources and refine your gear by directly altering its properties.

Crafted items, as well as items earned in any other way, can be enchanted to further increase the abilities of the item. Enchanting requires gold and as an items enchantment level increases it will be more difficult to further enchant that item, a failure will lower the items enchantment level though safety stones can be purchased to mitigate the chance of failure.

Player Killing

In Broken Realm there are up to 5 PK modes, each serving a different function and purpose:

Peace Mode - here players are unable to attack anyone else

Justice Mode - players can attack those who are set to Evil Mode

Evil Mode - in this mode a player can attack whoever they wish

Guild Mode - players can attack anyone not part of their own Guild

Party Mode - hear a player can attack anyone not in their party

If a player manages to reach a PK score of five then they are instantly taken to Royal prison upon their return to Everglade or if reviving after being killed. A player may only leave prison once their PK score has returned to 0, this can be done simply by waiting as it decreases over time, buying pennants potions from the item shop, tidying up the general waste or either bribing or killing the prison warden.

System Requirements

Processor: Celeron 2.13 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive Space: 400 MB
Graphics: WXGA (1280 x 720)
Network: 512K ADSL


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