BigHead Bash


SpicyHorse Studios


Internet browser


set in a world of collectable toys that fight each other, players can take to the battlefield in real-time battles with a whole host of different weapons in this free to play browser-based multiplayer game.

Main Features

  • Old school death match style combat with fast-paced action, Speedy kills and explosions galore

  • A variety of game modes from multiplayer, team-based, Co-op and capture modes that can handle up to 8V8

  • A plethora of weapons available from sniper rifle is, chain saws, flamethrowers to more unique and quirky weapons like tea cannons, pepper grinders and lava guns

  • Content from your most loved games, buns, comics and brands are available to purchase from the virtual toy store


Comical characters with popular culture and topical references such as Obaminator and Bushwhacker, Hellboy, Alice: Madness Returns and a game designer pack which features Tim Schafer, Will Wright and John Romero with much more in the works.

Getting a Big Head

went on to kill streak characters heads begin to inflate in size, increasing their ego but also their damage output at the expense of making them a larger target for the enemy.

System Requirements

Internet connection + web browser


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  1. alexpato2 July 11, 2017 at 3:30 AM -

    quiero jugar head big bash

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