Berserk: The Cataclysm

Berserk: The Cataclysm

A free to play card collecting game that players can access directly through their web browser as well as playing it directly through Facebook. Berserk: The Cataclysm is a strategic card collecting game where players must build up their collection of cards and customise smaller Squads to take into battle against the challenging AI opponents through the extensive lore rich campaigns or against real-world opponents in exciting PVP combat.


- Over 800 cards to collect
- Automated combat
- Create powerful Squads from five different Elements
- Acquire new cards through completing missions and buying Booster Packs
- PVP and PVE focused features
- Free to play
- Browser-based game


In the game players get to collect cards and build up Squads from the five unique Elements in the game that all creatures and fight cards are linked to, with their own unique traits, stats and abilities players must build competitive Squads of seven cards and use them to battle against other opponents. With a number of interesting and unique features as well as a twist on the traditional card game Berserk: The Cataclysm is easy to play and hard to put down.


Each card comes from one of the five different Elements: Swamp, Mountains, Plains, Darkness and Forests, which not only defines the lore aspects of the game with the deep and rich story line but also mechanics aspects where some cards get bonuses and penalties against certain types of Element.

As well as their defined Element cards all typically have four important values:

Health - the number of hit points the card has determines how much damage it can take in battle before it is destroyed and removed from play

Attack - the amount of damage that the car can deal against its opponents’ health or directly to the players Leadership hit pool

Turn - when a card is revealed from the deck this value lets you know how many rounds/turns must pass before that card can enter the battlefield

Abilities - many cards have unique abilities and attributes that separates it from other cards such as being able to heal allied cards Health, doing extra damage on cards of a certain Element and many more features


Where in many card games players are able to build large decks that they take into battle, in Berserk: The Cataclysm players break these cards down into smaller Squads, led by a Squad Leader card these mini decks are made up of seven cards. The cards in a Squad all be of the same Element, however, in PVP and many PvE matches players may play with one Squad at a time or even two or more Squads, combining the different elements in the available cards they will draw in battle. Whilst cards in the same Squad must be from the same Element, in a battle with multiple Squads players can have Squads made from different Elements.


Combat in the game is completely automated and the strategy lies in building up a strong Squads and combinations of Squads when players must use multiple in a battle. The battle map is two facing rows, one for each team, made up of seven different slots/positions that cards can fill. Each turn if a drawn card is able to enter battle (based off the cards individual Turn value) then it will instantly be placed onto the players battle line occupying the first free location from left to right, similarly the opposing team will do the same.

Once each turn ends the cards automatically make their attacks to whatever is in front of them, if there is an enemy card facing them then they deal damage to it if possible, if no card has been placed there yet or the card that was previously there has been destroyed then there is no card to block a direct attack on the opposing players Leadership pool. When a Leadership pool is reduced to 0 hit points or when the opposing team has no cards left, then they have been defeated.


Web Browser

GENRE: Free to play Card Trading Game
PLATFORM: Web Browser




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