Battlefield Heroes

Genre: Free to play Action MMO
Platform: Windows
Developer: EA Digital Illusions

In this free to play action MMO first person and third person shooter is a casual and fun world War themed game that focuses on being simple to pick up, easy to play and hard to master, with a system in place that matches up players of similar levels of skill. The game has some micro-transaction elements that focus on cosmetic upgrades that do not affect gameplay so as to avoid any imbalance and pay to win. With its cartoonish graphics the game is not particularly demanding computer spec wise.

The Game
Players are divided between two armies: the National Army (the red team) and the Royal Army (the blue team) who go head-to-head in a conquest mode where each team starts with 50 tickets as well as their own team flag. By killing enemy team members and capturing their flag you will slowly reduce their number of tickets and the first team to lose all their tickets is defeated. Players can level up their characters through gameplay which indicates their skill level/game experience and matches them with similarly ranked players.

The Metagame
There is a point system within the game where characters are able to battle for territory in each match, any territory earned is then marked down as being a victory for that army. At the week’s end to the gain territories of both armies is totalled up and in game currency is handed out based off the total percentage and the number of territories conquered. This metagame is completely and players do not have to do participate if they do not wish.

In game there are a number of different vehicle available within the game that are based off and influenced by real world vehicles from World War II, each of which have a slot for passengers, including the infamous M4 Sherman and also the Panzer III and IV light tanks. Wheel and track vehicles based off Willy’s Jeep and the Kubelwagen are also available along with two aircraft influenced by the Spitfire and ME-109.

System Requirement
OS: Windows XP / Vista
Processor: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 512 Mb Win XP, 1GB Win Vista
Graphics: DirectX compliant / pixel shader 2.0 support / 64MB Card
Internet: 256kbit DSL/Cable connection


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