: Free to play Basketball MMO
Platform: Windows / Mac / Web
Developer: Bitoon Games


BasketDudes this is a free to play 3-D basketball MMO that mixes arcade style gameplay with classic MMO RPG features and even elements of Trading Card Games. As a member of the World Basketball Club (WBC) you will take over your own team and play against other players in action packed PVP or against challenging AI.

Key Features

- Exciting and fun 3-D action basketball MMO
- TCG and RPG elements
- beautifully stylised graphics developed with Unity3D engine
- Cross platform on PC, Mac or Internet browser
- 70+ player characters (both male and female) that will evolve and are completely customisable


Taking the role as a manager of your own team, you are able to personalise it to your liking before entering the WBC competitions. Train up your own players, each with their own bios, history and gaming style, using all this information to build up your own plays and game strategy as you work your way to the top of the WBC rankings playing against other rival player teams. Gain XP as a manager and unlock new features and players.

Creating a Team

When you first load into the game your first step is to create your starter team (more teams can be created later if a manager wishes) and must select the teams’ players. A few initial premade teams of five players have been made available, each with similar features but having a favoured style of play. From here the manager you in gets too design the teams’ uniform, selecting through various styles and colours and creating both a home and away uniform.

From here you get to create the team’s name and their logo, which will be the first form of identification in most game Windows and on the web. With an easy-to-use editor tool players can choose from a variety of different images, fonts and colours to create an original logo for their team. Finally before accepting all your choices you are able to look over your team in all their glory, complete with uniform and logo before confirming your selection.

The Match

During the game players are able to move quickly around the court with keyboard and perform a number of different actions with everything from passing, fake shots, normal shots, hooks, taunts, charges, defending and more. The more actions the player performs and the longer that they stay on the court without being substituted the more fatigued they will suffer, which directly lowers the individual players performance.

Managers can use cards, talents and traits during a game to give their team a boost, either offering a continuous buff or an instantaneous effect that is triggered and command. Game Cards can only be used once whereas talents can be used over and over, but have a cool down time on them and are assigned to one individual player on the team. Traits are more powerful versions of talents and work more passively to further enhance your particular player.


There are two divisions within the WBC: the WBC All-Stars Division and the Beginners Division.

Beginner’s Division: made up from those teams in the rookie league that are from level 1 to 7, teams in the amateur league of levels 8 to 11 and teams in the pro league from levels 12 to 14.

WBC All-Stars Division: any team reaching level 15 automatically enters the WBC all-stars division where they will be able to compete against other managers and working towards reaching a top rank. Players are matched against each other with their All Star Points (ASP) ranking, similar to an ELO ranking, with a win and lose points depending on how they play and their are a variety of sub leagues within this division dividing up the best players. Every day a trophy is awarded to the winner of the Beginners ‘Division leagues and every 15 days to the WBC All-Stars Division leagues.


Managers can earn cards through playing the game, awarded at the end of a match where the quality of the card is based on how well you played. These cards can be used during a match to improve their team’s performance during play or in a timeout, where others are used outside of the game to train up players, improving their abilities or even customising your team in various ways.

Cards can be used in a variety of ways, from customising your uniforms, players (such as removing tattoos), basketballs and more. For those players that struggle to earn cards through playing they are able to purchase them from the in game store.

System Requirement

Operating System: Windows (PC) or OSX Leopard (Mac)
Broadband: 1MB


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