GENRE: Free to play Strategy
PLATFORM: Browser Game


A free to play base strategy game where players must compete against each other to establish their own town, gather resources and build up their defenses against rival players looking to destroy them and raid their home. Simultaneously players are able to raise up their own Barbarian horde to seek out their own victims, destroying player and AI towns and plundering the resource rewards.


  • Exciting PVP focused gameplay

  • A variety of units to train and fight with

  • Numerous buildings to improve your town

  • Strategic gameplay

  • Purchase cards to give your tribe a boost

  • Free to play

  • Browser Gameplay


The core of the game revolves around building up a base to gain resource and train more powerful units and then defending it, whilst at the same time using your units to attack other similarly levelled towns to gather Fame (PVP score) and resources, that are in turn used to build more units and further improve your town. The game is an exciting mix of combat strategy and resource management that will have players thinking over each move they make.


Resources are the lifeblood of a successful town, coming in two main forms, Gold and Wood, these resources are required for constructing every type of building, upgrading them, clearing rocks and bushes from your buildable land, constructing defenses and training offensive units to send out on raids, all of which take time as well as resources.

Resources can be earned by completing the many Quests that continue to pop up in the game, constantly tasking players with building and upgrading or training new units and rewarding them for it, but they also come from the resource production buildings ie. the Mine and Saw Mill. Finally resources are earned by raiding other players towns and stealing them by destroying buildings or using the Thief unit to plunder resources, the amount of resources a player can take depends on how successful their attack is.

A third resource, Crystals, is also available in the game and is earned primarily through completing Challenges, giving player larger achievement based tasks in which they are rewarded with Crystals, alternatively players can buy them with real world cash. These items can be used to speed up production, finishing construction on buildings, purchase Cards and many more actions to provide convenience to players.


Combat in one form or another is the main focus of the game, whether building up your defenses to hold back the inevitable raids that will happen on your own town or building up a military force to raid other players. There are a variety of units that players can train up, from melee Knights, sneaky Thieves, ranged Archers and more, all of which will have their own primary actions and targets that they will default to in battle.

Players can train up as many units as their Camp structure can hold, by upgrading the Camp players can increase this number, but they can only increase it to the same level as their main Keep building, preventing low level players from amassing a huge army and fighting low defence towers.

When entering a battle, typically a randomly chosed opponent of a similar level, players get to scout the area for a few seconds before the attack timer begins, once this clock times down then the attack is over. During this time players are able to place down their units one by one at any location surrounding the town, units will then make their way to their primary target and start attacking, gaining resources for the destruction they cause. If all the buildings are destroyed, or the entire army is destroyed, then the attack also ends.


From the Fun Fair building, a permanent building in a players town, you can purchase Card with Crystals (giving you the card permanently) or with Stones (earned through PVP) for a 7 day card. These cards imbue a player with a variety of boons to help them out such as increasing the health on their defensive structures or improving their units attack rating. Players must gain Fame to unlock Card Slots, with four slots available that can allow players to have four Cards and their respective boosts active at the same time.


Web Browser


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