Asterix & Friends

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platform: Windows
Developer: EA Digital Illusions

In this free to play browser-based strategy you take on the role of an indomitable Gaul warrior, responsible for rebuilding one of the villages sacked by the invading Roman army under the command of Caesar himself. Managing all aspects of city/village building and management you will look after your resources, raise a resistance and go head-to-head against the Roman legionnaires that threaten your lands. This colourful, comical and entertaining MMO is true to the Asterix & Obelix franchise in both style and graphics and throughout your journey you will meet a number of famous faces from the cartoons and comics that will both help and hinder you in your journey.

Key Features

- Completely free to play
- Play in a set in true to the Asterix and Obelix franchise
- Wonderfully drawn environments and characters emulating the style of the comics and cartoons
- Rebuild your village and construct new buildings
- Gather resources and craft items to better equip your gathering forces
- Take on the Roman Legion who have invaded your land
- Play directly in your Internet browser

It is 50 BC and the Roman Legion has occupied Gaul, controlling the entire territory bar one small village that still stands against the Roman invaders as a permanent bane to the legionnaires the have been garrisoned in various camps throughout the area. At the command of Emperor Caesar the Roman army has laid waste to a number of smaller villages in the vicinity who refuse to pay taxes to their Roman “rulers”.

These homeless refugees now turn to two of the most fearsome Gauls to ever stand up against the Roman might, two warriors ever ready to push back the invaders of the lands, two names that are legends in their own right; Asterix and Obelix.

Starting by reconstructing pillaged village player must first of all clear up all the available building lots within the village palisade defences, clearing up debris from the recent attack. Players can choose from dozens of different building types such as an Elder’s House to get the ball rolling and give access to your Village Elders to give you quests, to Village Farms which are used to produce food for the villagers. Commercial buildings can also be made such as a Carpenter, Stonemason, Blacksmith and more, which are used to create a number of additional resources and products such as weapons to be used in the village.

Each building costs time and money to build and as players level up they will be able to build more and more types of buildings that will help them in their fight against the Romans. As well as this buildings can be upgraded and improved, each building having its own level, which will yield better benefits and boosts to the village.

Raise an Army
Once armed with some weapons created by your various production buildings, once the required materials have been gathered, it is time to do battle with the wretched Romans! Selecting an enemy unit on the map the player is able to see the strengths of the Roman forces, once engaged they are able to select their available villagers that they wish to use in the attack. Each villager has their own strength value, as does each Roman, saw the larger the Roman force the more villagers (or at least better equipped villagers) you will need for the attack.

The game will show you your chances of success before you begin the battle, after which cute animation of the fight is shown using a comic style cloud with stars, fists and equipment bursting out of it as the two parties fight. Sometimes players are able to use Asterix and Obelix in their fights, both characters are highlighted as being undefeatable and will always defeat any forces that they go up against providing one of them is available to fight.

Sometimes players will receive alerts that a Roman legion is approaching the village intending to attack it, by switching to the area map mode players are able to try and intercepts the Legion before it reaches the village

Throughout the game players will be given a number of quests from various NPC’s, even Asterix and Obelix themselves, to help rebuild the Gaul resistance. These quests consist of various activities from constructing particular buildings, gathering needed resources or training specific troop units, and in doing so players will earn XP to level themselves up and unlock new abilities and features as well as Sesterce, the in game currency used to purchase various items and buildings.

With an easy point-and-click system your warrior character will run around the village performing his tasks, but he is not confined to the palisade walls, he will be sent outside to find animal tracks to hunt down boards for their meat and hides or out to the rivers and sea to fish.

Premium Currency
In the game players can use “Roman Helmets” as the premium currency typically used to speed up the construction time of various buildings or item crafting and used to buy special items and buildings from the shop. This currency can be purchased with real-world money but is also earned through gameplay each time a player levels up.

System Requirement
Internet Browser


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