Army Wars MMORTS Free to Play Game


ArmyWars is MMORTS real-time war game for your browser.

Army wars - Massively multiplayer Strategy real-time gamePlay Free-to-Play with more than 400+ players simultaneously on one map, fight and occupy hundreds of military bases to produce and expand your military forces. Control tank armadas, helicopter swathes and jets freely throughout the battle world - pure action like and wherever you want.Real strategy consists of planning and free movement. Risky troop movements, ambushes and planned attacks; this makes strategy fun.

ArmyWars offers this freedom in a world consisting of giant maps, all of which can be accessed from the main map, where hundreds of players play & fight simultaneously. Move your armadas of tanks freely over the entire map. Full control, great battles on the ground as well as in the air. Just like you know it from before from AoE or C&C, just not with 10 but with hundreds of players at the same time.

Strategy-Wars is a real-time online strategy game which you can play in any browser no matter what computer and without installation. Fight against enemy generals together with your allies and rule over all the resource-rich military bases.

Generals rule the WorldClassical governments do no longer exist. The military has taken over control. After the US president started a war with Russia based on a tweet - just one year after his inauguration - the world has fallen into chaos.

Governments on all continents have been divided and broke apart. The reason for this was the ambiguous opinions about the participation in this war and the respective NATO commitments.At first, nobody wanted to participate in this war but gradually more countries got dragged into it.

As politicians and diplomats no longer agreed with each other and turmoil boiled up, different militia units saw their chance to take over the control. A devastating chain reaction took place and whole countries and governments were split up and united in military alliances between the various generals in charge.

With increasing influence the greed and the addiction for ever more power grew in their hearts.Now there is a territorial struggle orchestrated by generals in various alliances. The goal is to be the last surviving and well-secured military base, which means mostly to secure independence on soil rich in resources.

Play Army Wars on your browser for free and play with more than 400+ players simultaneously on one map, fight and occupy all of the military bases to win more territories.

The Game is developed and published for MMO Strategy Studios UG.


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  1. talha107 February 13, 2021 at 10:08 AM -

    i am using wifi connection but last time when i logged in it is giving error that use a normal network connection
    Proxy Identified Error
    plz help

  2. Administrator February 13, 2021 at 5:15 PM -

    Is better if you connect to the game support

  3. keith September 10, 2021 at 6:39 PM -

    are we having a discount on plat soon gents

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