Arcane Chronicles

GENRE: Free to play Action MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Arcane Chronicles is a point-and-click action adventure that users can play through their internet browser, this action packed MMO RPG lets players and head out on an adventure to fight evil creatures and monsters. The game has a number of features available that are continuously unlocked as players progress and level up.


- Currently three available classes: Shaman, Mage and Warrior, with a fourth unknown class
- Play as male or female characters with premade heroes with their own artwork
- Delve into dangerous dungeons
- Unleash explosive attacks and powers in combat
- Go boss hunting seeking out deadly world bosses
- Create a Guild
- Take part in Castle Sieges and Caravan Escort events
- Hire friends and NPC’s as mercenaries
- Use the auto-hunt facility for AFK play
- Free to play


Embrace your destiny as a hero of the land as you are tasked with tracking down and destroying the evil Lich that has plagued the realm for centuries, finding new companions on your journey to help you in your task. The road to adventure is paved with death and destruction and you are shining light in the darkness, the salvation that the world has waited for.


Players can choose from the healing Shamen, defensive Warrior or the destructive Mage classes, each of which are offering a different style of play, abilities and powers and lootable gear available only to the class. Each class is also accompanied with a fully fleshed out skill tree to enhance and improve different abilities.


Adventurers are able to hire NPC’s to act as mercenaries that will join them in a group to take on harder challenges, as the game grows more difficult and intense as players continue to level up. As well as this even your friends characters can hire out their characters as mercenaries when they aren’t playing the game, converting them into NPC’s themselves so that you always have a group to play with.


Guilds are able to go head-to-head in large-scale epic Castle sieges against each other. To enter a Castle Siege a Guild must be ranked level 4 and then request participation. Guilds that wish to enter must earn at least 15,000 Guild points to put their name forward, however the Castle siege is reserved for the three Guilds that accumulate the most points.

Once a Guild has are invited they have 24 hours in which to prepare for battle where they can build see weapons and try to be the first Guild to successfully conquer a castle.


Up players that lack the time to sit in front of the computer all those who wish to multitask instead of grinding mobs of quests then they are able to utilise the built in AFK mode where a user’s character continue to fight even if they are away from the keyboard using the auto-hunt and meditation features. When this mode is selected the character will automatically navigate around the quest area killing the necessary creatures, looting them and even killing up their own hit points and mana points to stay alive.


One of the more original features of the game is the random dungeon generator, six wheels that represents a dungeon area, number of monsters, type of monsters, monster difficulty, XP reward and gold reward. With a mouse click these six wheels spin to generate a random dungeon for players and parties to enter. This feature is primarily for high-level players as those random dungeons that have lots of difficult monsters are extremely hard to explore.


Players can loot and by powerful weapons, armour and items to better equip their heroes and also all customise and upgrade them to their own personal preferences. Earn premium Arcanite currency to purchase more unique items from the game store.


Web Browser


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