Anime Pirates


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser / Win / Mac / Linux


Based around the world created in One Piece, a Japanese animated cartoon, in this game players set sail on the high seas as captains of their own ship and crew, adventuring as Pirates that must evade the law. Anime Pirates is a free to play MMORPG with strategic turn-based combat where players can challenge themselves against AI threats and other players. The game is available through your web browser and also has a standalone downloadable client.


- Choose one of six different classes /characters to Captain your ship
- Recruit heroic NPC’s to join your Crew
- Upgrade your ship to get the most out of your adventures and your team
- Challenge yourself with exciting PvE features
- Go head-to-head with other players in the Arena
- Free to play MMO
- Browser-based gameplay


Just before the Pirate King Gol D. Roger was to be executed he spoke of his amassed wealth that he had accrued over his years of piracy and informed the world that it was all hidden in one place available to the lucky crew that could find it. All across the world anyone that could afford ship and assemble their own crew did so and headed off on an epic journey in search of the ultimate fortune; you are one such crew.


The game focuses around building up a strong Crew made up of various different NPC is that players will meet and take on as they journey throughout the world completing quests and other in game content such as taking on World Bosses, battling through Dungeons and engaging in PVP in the Arena. As part of your crew they will fight alongside you and the core of the game revolves around making a stronger crew and working your way towards being the Pirate King, the highest ranked player in the game and the ultimate goal


Players are able to choose their own character to Capt their ship, each character having its own class, background and abilities:

The Summoner - a little girl and her teddy bear, the transformed entity of her brother, that has joined the great adventure to try and seek out a cure to her brother’s condition

The Archer - a beautiful girl from Sky Island who loves to seek out rare items and add them to her collection, undoubtably there will be more than a few in Gol D. Roger’s treasure hoard

The Sword Woman - a former Reared Admiral of Marine that was framed by her superiors making her a fugitive of the World Government and now she seeks to clear her name

The Warrior - a young boy from the desert who is on a mission from the tribal elders as their village and people are in slow decline separated from the civilised world and Sussex out the Treasure Ship to bring prosperity back to his people

The Magician - a mysterious man, accompanied with his bird Luojia, loops to find out more of his personal identity and find out the source of his mysterious and magical abilities

The Gunner - driven by the desire to seek out and end his rival, a fellow Sniper and Gunner, that previously defeated him in a dual, he journeys across the world practising daily and awaiting his revenge


Players will come across various NPC’s as they journey across the world in search of adventure, many of who will be willing to join the player and aid them in combat. Each potential Crew has their own requirements before they will join a player and each has their own attributes and abilities that they can lend in a battle providing they are in the most optimal position in a Battle Formation.


The main strategy in the game comes down to choosing your preferred Battle Formation and choosing which members of your Crew to place in which available positions. Different Formations open up different slots/patterns that Crew can fill, certain Crew have abilities that can only be triggered if they are in a specific slot/position, some even having different abilities if they are in different slots. Even Formations themselves will provide a boost to certain abilities such as attacks or defences, depending on the chosen Formation which are on locked as players level up.


Web Browser

O/S: Windows XP / Vista/ 7 / Linux / Mac
CPU: P4 2.4G
RAM: 512MB
Video: XGA 1024 x 768
Flash: Version 10 or higher


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