Animas Online

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: iOS / Android Mobile
DEVELOPER: Gameforge


Animas Online is a free to play MMORPG for mobile devices, playable on both iOS and Android platforms, and gives players a classic MMO experience where they will take on the role of a powerful Animas character sworn to protect the forests against invading evil humans looking to destroy their home. Packed full of features this family friendly game is easy to pick up and offers an immersive story driven MMO experience.


- Play with friends and share experiences
- Wonderful 3-D graphics
- Compare your skills with other players through the global ranking feature
- Compete against other players in PVP in the Arena
- Free to play


The delicate balance of Forestia, an ancient forest home to thousands of lifeforms, is under threat from the evil humans looking to destroy this beauty with their terrifying machines. The only thing standing in the way of utter destruction is the Guardians, strong and daring heroes that will push back these evildoers and defend their homes and people.


The game is a classic MMORPG converted to a mobile platform, using touchscreen controls players will be able to navigate an expansive world and explore the farthest corners of Forestia, working together with allies and other friends in cooperative PvE quest-based content. The game has been localised into nine different languages and has a cutesy family friendly feel catering to a wide audience. With quick missions and arena matches players have shorter waiting times to get into the action making the game a casual and easy to pick up and play MMO.


There are three primary characters that players can choose from, the Guardians that will defend the lands of Forestia:

Trisha - a powerful long ranged squirrel like Guardian, Trisha is an expert marksman and has deadly long ranged firepower at her disposal able to take down enemies from afar

Catya - a fierce feline Guardian Catya is considered to be the best female sword fighter in all of Forestia and takes down her opponents with precise and swift attacks

Bargon - a wild and ferocious bear on the outside, Bargon is soft-hearted but still a strong and powerful Guardian and uses his staff and magic powers to defend his lands


Using the touch screen interface players are able to move their character around the world using the touch screen joystick, using a top-down isometric view manoeuvring your character in battle is easy as players tap away at the attack button to perform basic attacks on enemies. When new powers are unlocked they will appear as a separate button on the screen, typically with a cool down timer that refreshes before the player can use it.

As enemies are defeated they will drop items and currency to the ground that players must step onto to automatically pick up. Using these items and currency players are able to equip their characters with more powerful gear that they can purchase from various shops and vendors.


Starting with the Lion, the King of Forestia, he will send you on various quests and missions to battle against the human invaders. These missions come in the form of instanced based encounters where players must complete an objective in order to gain the rewards, experience as well as unlocking the next stage in the quest chain.

Whenever a player starts a mission they are able to get help from other Animas, real-world friends or those met in game that can join you in a mission. A friends taking part in your mission receives bonus experience points, and if players do not have any friends to play with then the game will automatically assign them a random friend recommended by their level, if friends at are too far apart in level they are unable to play together.


Aside from taking on missions players are also able to step into the Arena where they can battle waves of monsters to test their skill and earn great rewards. Alternatively they can go head-to-head against other players in PVP and gain coupons and other special items that will help a player in their journey.


iOS or Android Mobile Device


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