Alliance Warfare

Developer: Digital Experience Studios, Inc.

Platform: Internet browsers


Alliance Warfare is a free-to-play browser-based MMORTS in which players build mighty cities and train massive armies to conquer the world. To that end, they also have to recruit reliable allies and research advanced technologies. Meanwhile they are able to enjoy the incorporated live radio station.


In the beginning, there was peace and the ruling tribes merged into one prosperous and solid nation. The timeless Ancients ruled with soft hands and kind hearts. However, peace was fleeting and two of the Ancients became uneasy with the petty squabbles of the mortals and finally angry at the imperfection of the people of Historia, Kalebria, Rivaria, and Cemoria. They decided to teach them a lesson separating the four nations and leaving them to their separate continents bound by the tears of the gods. A great Deluge of Tears followed and people were left to live as they chose, but without the light of the ancient gods.

People are to battle for a lifetime, must fortify their cities, prepare for war and seek out others to form alliances. This is their only hope of survival. Peace is but a distant memory. They must fight to take back their lands and the right to rule them.


- Gather resources to build and manage your own city

- Set up a powerful army to conquer the world

- Research advanced technologies

- More than 100 quests to fulfil

- Choose your style of playing whether to focus on offence or defence

- Enjoy the live radio station

- No download required

- Completely free-to-play


Alliance Warfare allows players to build their own cities choosing from a large number of available buildings: apartment, cityhall, market, rally watch tower, consulate, storehouse, walls, tavern, barrack, factory, archer range, spy camp, stable arena, hospital, etc. Wall units include watch towers, traps and defensive catapults.


To train their troops, the game provides players with five different facilities. Generals must be hired to lead the player’s army. They can be trained in the arena. Wounded troops can be healed in the hospital.

Alliance Warfare features the following unit types: peasants, militia, spies, pikemen, arsonists, swordsmen, axemen, archers, crossbowmen, cavalry, heavy cavalry, transporters, ballistas, catapults, bombards, and ships.


As education and knowledge leads to technology, players are tasked to build campus buildings in order to do research. Campus buildings include a school, a university, a church, an alchemy lab, a shipyard, a workshop, and a bank.

There are three comprehensive tech trees that can be researched: resources, knowledge and military.


Alliance Warfare enables players to construct the following buildings in order to gather resources: saw mill, quarry, gold shaft, iron mine, and farm. When erected, these building hourly deliver a certain resource amount. To do so, they have to be placed in a specific area that grants the corresponding resource. There a different types of valleys to be captured in order to gain their resources: forest, lake, grassland, mountain, hills, and open range. Attacking NPCs also yields resources.

Players will have to create or join alliances in order to conquer land and defeat enemies and rival alliances. Buildings ships allows them to sail to any of the four continents to conquer territory over there. It’s possible to build and expand up to ten cities on conquered lands.


For Alliance Warfare is a true war game, where a player’s skill is everything about his or her ability to attack and defend successfully, the game features a specific ranking system. It measures players on their ability to fight, not how long they have played on a server. War ranking in Alliance Warfare gives players true bragging rights.


The game has its own incorporated live radio station allowing players to listen to their favourite music while playing.


Web browser

Internet connection


3 Comments - "Alliance Warfare"

  1. Solemn April 18, 2014 at 7:46 PM -

    Ground up evony clone. A waste of time.

  2. Andy Dufrane October 17, 2014 at 10:08 PM -

    low player rate very tedious game plenty of better games out there but this is not one of them don’t bother poor game very badly run

  3. jim November 2, 2014 at 10:33 AM -

    you people don’t know what your talking about,
    evony clone?? have you played evony? it was good years ago, not its so poor and laggy that its not worth the time to even complain about it, not that complaining would do any good as all player comments are ignored
    tedious game? how long did you play, a day or so, yes its slow to start but so is almost every other game worth the effort, try it for a month or 2 then decide

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