Age of Civilization

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


In Age of Civilization players get to build up their own huge Empire, recruiting powerful heroes that lead your own army into battle and it’s your rivals and your enemies in this free to play 3-D browser MMO. Build an army, expand your Empire and battle against the dark forces and employ tactical combat strategy.


- Raise and expand your Empire
- Constructs numerous buildings and gain access to new features
- Recruit a variety of heroes and let them lead your troops into battle
- Head into dungeon instances to seek out treasure
- Go toe to toe with awesome world bosses
- Completely free to play


Based loosely on our own history and mythology the game is set in the European Dark Ages, said to be brought on by the revival of the ancient Egyptian God Seth, raising his dark armies to try and conquer Europe for himself. Heroic Lords have risen up to combat this evil, building up their own armies and seeking out the powerful Time Shards to try and defeat this ancient God.


to call foundations of the game are an Empire managing MMO where players must constructs various buildings, raise up an army, recruit and equip powerful heroes go to war against the computer AI and players from around the world. As players level up and they will gain access to new features that give them a wide variety of options in later game and tasks to complete as they go up against other players and factions in tactical combat strategy.


One of the key areas to victory is recruiting a skilled heroes that I used to lead your troops into battle, taken from some famous faces through history and mythology, each hero comes with unique character attributes that determine how well they perform in battle. Their main attributes focus on their total HP, defences, attack rating, hit chance, dodge and their chance on making critical strikes; as a hero levels up their attributes will increase over time.

Heroes can be gained in various ways, most commonly by recruiting them from the Tavern once you have built it, they can also be gained as loot drop items from various instances as well as players earning a new hero for free when they reach level 20.

There is a huge selection of heroes for players to choose and switch between depending on their strategy, however heroes can also be customised further by equipping them with different items and gear that well further improve their character abilities. Weapons and gear come in 4 item qualities (from lowest up to highest): Green and Blue equipment, which can be looted in instances or bought from the Smithy, Purple and Orange equipment is crafted through the synthesising feature and using appropriate materials.


Progressing in the game will allow players to level up and in doing so gain access to new buildings which will advance their civilisation and unlock new features that can be employed in the running of their Empire. Some of the available buildings are:

City Hall - the main focus of the city it allows the player to levy the populous and gain more resources from them

Dwellings - this is where your populous will live and is your primary source of silver

Tavern - level of a players Tavern directly affects the quality of the heroes that they can recruit the, the higher the level the better the quality of hero

Not only two players unlock new features when they have constructed a building but they are also able to unlock a technology associated with that building, each of which are divided into four levels and are further unlocked as the player upgrades a building. Each building can also yield different types of resource needed to further construct buildings, train technology, unlock new equipment and more.


That can recruit new troops from the Camp, which come in 3 different versions: Infantry, Cavalry and Archer. Infantry have plenty of HP and strong defences, Archers are weaker defensively but packed a powerful punch with a high attack rating and Cavalry have a considerably faster movement speed than the other units. Each unit is led by an appropriate type of hero that is able to lead that type of unit.


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