22 moon at War

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: Seal Media

Overviewthis browser-based free to play MMO puts you in the role as the CEO of a up and coming energy Corporation where you will compete against other energy conglomerates to become the most powerful and successful supplier of a valuable resource; Ore-22.

Build up your headquarters and ready your military forces as you keep a keen eye to the world market to ensure you maximise your own profits. Invest in research, expand your territory, build new technologies and develop superior weapons to defend your coveted ore deposits.

Key Features

-          Expand your map region by playing in full screen mode

-          Run your own mining empire of the future in this unique setting

-          Eight different economic zones to trade between

-          Top 10 players per zone become councilmembers who set the zone trade tax

-          Mine the valuable Ore 22 to use, trade or sell

-          Create your own army to defend your mining outposts


In the distant future fossil fuels are depleted and the renewable energy technology that has been developed is not enough to keep up with the advancement of mankind. Exploring deeper into space travel Earth realised there was little in our own solar system that could offer a solution, but the development of wormhole technology sent our search further afield.

With the use of developed “DeepWell” probes we discovered an ore on a moon of a distant planet named Gliese 581 C that, after much study, even small amounts could yield enough potential power to permanently solve Earths energy crisis; Ore-22, named after the DeepWell 22 that found it.

The first line of commercial power plants built solely for extracting 22 were constructed in 2130 and since that time huge corporations have appeared solely to mine this valuable ore and these groups will take it and protect it at any cost.

Research and construction

In the game there are 3 types of settlement to build your headquarters, though all players must begin in the initial one:

Claims - the claims that are established on Gliese’ moon and the initial start point of your own operation

Syndicate - the syndicate has its very own base of operations that is established within one of eight economic zones, which requires expansion by the group to activate more actions and features

Group Headquarters - established on the moon your are able to access a research lab to investigate new abilities and unlock endless possibilities


There are two main types of distinct combat available in the game:

Deployment zone - hear the attacking army at placed in the deployment was own this where units can be moved around as well as troops being deployed in order to advance later on. Defenders are able to directly attack the deployment zone.

Defence zone - hear five fields are divided within a defence zone, within which troops and tactics are positioned and the attacking forces are required to advance during their attack in each zone.

System Requirement

Web Browser


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