Gameforge presents Goblin Keeper


Are you tired of trying to save the world everytime you start a game? To dig into the deepest and darkest cave facing hidden traps and horrible creatures? Have you ever dreamed of having your own dungeon and your own army of minions? Gameforge tries to help you presenting Goblin Keeper, a new browser based strategy/managment game that will let you be the Dark Lord behind the dungeon where your enemies will find certain death.

You'll start with a very little but comfortable dungeon and a bunch of resources, and thanks to the help of yuor faithful and stereotyped goblin minions you'll have the chance to become a real feared Evil Lord waiting for heroes in his deadly labyrinth full of deadly traps and ferocious monsters.

Obviously, in such a evil and twisted game, a PvP element is almost mandatory and so you will have the possibility to raid the other players' dungeons or form with them a powerful alliance.

The game, which is available right now in German, is going to be released in Great Britain next week. Are you ready to unleash your best terrifying gaze?


Source of informations: Gameforge press release.



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One Comment - "Gameforge presents Goblin Keeper"

  1. Senkai March 14, 2018 at 8:08 PM -

    Please, someone work on a spiritual successor to this game. I miss it so much!

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