Gameforge Launches Animas Online, a Mobile Anime MMO


Gameforge is launching tomorrow its first mobile MMO game, Animas Online, on App Store and Google Play. the game will be available to anyone for free in 9 languages.

Running big MMOs with millions of players is what we at Gameforge do best, as we have proven over and over. Now, we aim to bring our expertise to the competitive mobile space with our first mobile MMO, Animas Online,“ says Andre Potgeter, CEO of Gameforge Mobile GmbH. Potgeter added, “We’re quite confident that we can hold our own in this space. So confident that Animas Online is only the first of a number of high profile mid- and hardcore mobile games coming from Gameforge.

Animas Online screenshot 1Animas Online screenshot 3

The game gives to the players the chance to explore a full featured 3D anime-style fantasy MMO and protect the ancient forest from the evil humans while wearing the shoes of cat assassins, bear shamans or warrior squirrels. They will be able to play with their friends in coop missons or compete against them in the arena for gold and glory.


Source of information: Gameforge press release



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