GameForge has launched Hellbreed in United Kingdom

After the successful beta phase of Hellbreed, the new action RPG of GameForge, has been launched in UK.

The hordes of the underworld lie in wait of courageous heroes looking to put them in their place.

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Whether alone, or together with up to three friends, the action RPG is ready for the brave adventurers. You can choose play as a Warrior, Huntress or a Siege Master, players go on the hunt for the shard fragments of the shattered world of Manjuri in order to assemble it once more.
The journey leads through dark dungeons as well as hand-constructed outside settings. There are also over 250 different monster types standing in your way, all of which carry some gold as well as the occasional valuable piece of equipment.

The players are free to choose how they would like to uncover the world of Manjuri: whether just for the occasional ten minutes or for extensive exploration with friends, Hellbreed has been created in such a way as to allow opportunist gamers as well as experienced gaming veterans a chance to get their money’s worth.

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