Game Insight has unveiled its new free-to-play, cross-platform MMO game, Dragon Eternity

Game Insight has unveiled its new free-to-play, cross-platform MMO game, Dragon Eternity.

This exciting fantasy-themed online game will offer tons of quests to conquer and a vibrant world to explore.

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In Dragon Eternity, players join one of two opposing factions as fledgling adventurers in service of their nation; Vaalor or Sadar. The lush fantasy realm of Adan is at war, beseiged by armies of monsters, bandits, and even darker forces that dwell in ancient dungeons. These savage foes guard vast treasures and riches, lying in wait for any would-be heroes foolish enough to explore the dangerous depths.

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Dragon Eternity challenges players to take up their weapons and take on hundreds of quests and battle hundreds of enemies, including elite-class and epic-level boss monsters. Over time, players can acquire dozens of sets of rare armor and items, master multiple schools of magic, and lead a beastly menagerie of companions into battle, including fire-breathing dragons.

Dragon Eternity will also include a full suite of non-combat crafting professions, multiple tiers of PvP head-to-head battles, rare item collections, and numerous social elements, such as the ability to buy and sell items on an auction house, as well as to form long-term player clans. Though Dragon Eternity is still in development and will ultimately offer simultaneous, cross-platform multiplayer on Android and iOS devices as well on Web, the Web version of the game is currently in open beta and has already garnered more than 1 million beta testers worldwide.

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“Dragon Eternity is, by far, one of the most ambitious and exciting projects we've taken on,” said Alisa Chumachenko, CEO at Game Insight. “Our experience developing and publishing titles for multiple platforms on a global scale has given us a unique toolset to bring players an incredible gaming experience on their platform of choice.”

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