Frogster develops a slim client for Runes of Magic

For gamers looking to cast themselves into Runes of Magic, the process just got a lot easier. Frogster has released a new Runes of Magic slim client, which is now available for download. At approximately 3.5 GB, the new slim client is about half the size of the full client, which in turn should cut the required download time in half. Both the slim client and the full client including the current update Patch 3.0.5 are available for download at the official website.

The vast reduction in the size of the slim client was made possible by compressing some of the detail in the graphical textures and sound files. Aside from these two differences, the game and features in the slim client are identical to those of the full client. Additionally, the slim client of Runes of Magic requires fewer system resources, enabling gamers to experience improved system performance.

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