Free Soccer Games: On or off the pitch?


Football, or to our trans-atlantic readers “soccer”, has always been a big hit video game wise, from the earliest computers and consoles they have typically be the top of the sport video games with such titles as Fifa, Pro Evolution Soccer and many more. Over time it became apparent that the exploits off the field held just as much appeal as those on it and players didn’t want to be a superstar striker but instead the man at the sidelines devising strategy, watching players form and keeping an eye out for new talent, the likes of Championship Manager became a huge success. Over time both these is genres of football games have made their way into the free to play market is both client download games and browser based football games.

Whilst there are quite a few free to play football games (or free to play soccer games if you prefer) available, here’s a list of some of our favourites you might want to check out:


Power Soccer

Power Soccer - news



Striker Superstars

Striker Superstars - news






GoalUnited - news



Manager Zone Football

ManagerZone Football - news




Gokickoff - news



Power Soccer and Striker Superstars have a similar vibe to them, both being web based games it is a Fifa-esq 3D football game with international teams played in huge stadiums with roaring crowds. That said, both games approach their title slightly differently; the most noticeable difference being that Power Soccer plays more like a side view Fifa type game where you have a wide view of the pitch and positioning of players, where Striker Superstars puts players in an over the shoulder third person type camera view of the player who currently has the ball (or who is selected if they don’t have it). This already opens up completely different strategy and game play and which is why both games can happily sit in this list as they offer something completely different from each other. In both games there are the standard elements of team management and offer up rank based play against rival players and larger tournaments.

Kicks Online has some similar features to the above games, however this Korean free to play soccer game takes on a slightly different theme and focuses more on street soccer with quick 3v3, 4vs4 or traditional 5 a side matches that take place over unique terrain such as streets and rooftops. With the added bonus that it takes on more “street rules” type gameplay, with no out of bounds, fouls or carding, it makes an exciting and fast paced game that stands out on its own.

Over on the sideline in the managers box we have GoalUnited and Manager Zone Football, the later having a sister game where the focus is on Ice Hockey. There’s not that much that separates these two titles in terms of features, buying and selling players, transfers, training and managing not only the team but the coaching staff. Both titles offer some fun features like kit editors and Manager Zone Football has a featured team bade editor as well, as well as both games having you manage some of the important buildings like the Academy and Stadium itself, GoalUnited goes so far as to allow you to search for sponsors to get some more money flowing through the team. Both games offer a lot in the way of competing leagues and challenges to get players fighting it out against each other for the top spot, and really which game someone would prefer is a matter of personal taste as both are very good at what they do.

So whether your see yourself as the next Carlo Ancelotti or an up and coming David Beckham, there are plenty of free to play football games and free to play football manager games available to appeal to both sides of the white line and with the added bonus of them being free to play!



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