Fractured Space Goes Free to Play


Fractured Space has recieved a major content update and has changed its business model to free to play. The team-based space shooter game launched on Steam Early Access In november 2014 and it is expected to fully launch later this year.

“Fractured Space is fundamentally team-based and we believe the new update will add a strong competitive element to our universe and increase accessibility to new players” said James Brooksby, CEO of Edge Case Games. “We listen to our community and get their feedback, and this continues to help us shape the game as we move closer to full launch.”

The game enters today a new phase of development, moving to free to play and introducing new gameplay elements, such as the Drop System, which offers rewards to players for different in-game activities. The update also introduces a new tutorial and a mini-game for the wait time before matches.

Watch the trailer:

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