Fractured Online Introduces Interplanetary Travel

Fractured Online Introduces Interplanetary Travel
Fractured Online Introduces Interplanetary Travel, New Wildfolk Sub-race and More in Latest Update

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are excited to announce the latest patch for the first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG, Fractured Online, is now available. Today’s update introduces interplanetary travel, a new Wildfolk sub-race, new ways to combat world bosses and a handful of bug fixes.

Adventurers looking to journey beyond their own horizon can now venture towards a stargate to initiate interplanetary travel – for a price, of course. Once the price of admission has been paid in the form of primal crystals, players will be able to activate the structure in order to travel from one planet to another, such as Syndesia to Arboreus.

Speaking of Arboreus, a new sub-race of Wildfolk is being introduced today following community feedback in the form of Iridra, also known as Blessed Humans. This Wildfolk sub-race of human took an affinity to a more peaceful life living in harmony with nature. As a result, they were accepted and blessed by Wildfolk and given new gifts to better help them channel primal energy. These blessings also changed the nature and basic instincts of the Iridra as any other Wildfolk would, specifically ensuring they always have a good alignment. Along with their distinct visual appearance, they enjoy several stat bonuses along with increased luck and health/mana regeneration.

The Legends of Terra is a new feature that gives players the chance to summon world bosses in order to challenge them at any time. When a world boss is summoned successfully, they’ll be represented on the player’s map with a red icon. This should help adventurers find their prey with ease - or help them avoid a certain location if they suddenly regret their summon.

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Source; Gamigo - Fractured Online - Dynamight Studios

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