Fractured Online Crafting

Fractured Online Crafting
Fractured Online Crafting

As gamigo and Dynamight Studios continue to build the first truly dynamic isometric open-world MMORPG, Fractured Online, we wanted to shine a light on the kinds of equipment players will be able to craft in a new entry in our Feature Spotlight series.

The Crafting Spotlight gives insight on what will be needed to create Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 items, the benefits crafting has towards a character’s growth, the importance of using fewer common materials to help boost an item’s bonuses, and much more. But to create buzzworthy equipment, players will need to find the crafting station suited to their craft, which can be found in the player-built cities throughout the world.

While the process of building crafting stations takes time, the quality of items they produce will be well worth the wait. Also – while a player’s crafting station may offer the potential to create familiar items, stations located elsewhere may offer new and exciting opportunities.

Crafting plays an important role in the world of Fractured Online since players will only receive raw materials from mobs. Whether players wield a giant broadsword capable of slaying countless monsters or purchase potions that offer salvation from an untimely end, they’re all created through crafting.

To learn more details about Fractured Online’s crafting mechanics, please visit the following link: Here

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Source; Gamigo - Fractured Online - Dynamight Studios

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