Forge of Empires has presented new information regarding art and design of the game

InnoGames has presented additional information about the Art and the Design of the strategic browser game Forge of Empires.

The Flash-Based 3D Graphics of the game are based on a naturalistic style, and present players an accurate and believable world by focusing on realistic details.



Forge of Empires keeps away from comic-like exaggerations, a muted color palette with targeted visual highlights keep the graphics appealing without being too uniform: "We did not want a style that seems sterile or plain. Thus we toyed around a lot with the geometry and shapes of the games' various ages. Additionally, we paid a lot of attention to details," says Dunz. Structurally complex and detailed buildings and dozens of animations allow curious players to perpetually discover new aspects of their city.
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"We aimed at creating a world that feels authentic to players," explains Tobias Dunz, Forge of Empires' Lead Artist. "Which doesn't mean, to force oneself to remain historically accurate all the time, but rather to keep in mind that this world and the buildings within could really have existed."

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