Flyff V16, Rise of the Muran, is now live

Gala-Net has announced that Flyff’s latest expansion V16: Rise of the Muran is now live. LV16 introduces the much-anticipated 3rd Job Evolution where players can transform their characters by exploring the eight brand new classes: Templar, Slayer, Harlequin, Crackshooter, Force Master, Seraph, Mentalist, and Arcanist.

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In addition to new classes, V16 introduces a brand new guild house system
that lets higher level guilds bid on massive guild houses! V16: Rise of the Muran will also let players uncover the lost region of Kaillun and meet a new race of friendly cat-creatures, known as the Muran. The Muran’s massive city of Eillun will offer players a great safe-haven and brand new territories to explore.

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Flyff’s latest expansion increases the level cap to 139, introduces three new bosses, and showcases a new premium area tailored to endgame leveling. Additionally, Flyff’s brand new Achievement System will kick-off, so players can look forward to earning points (pChips) that can be redeemed for exclusive items, including pets, wings, and more.

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