Flyff has unveiled more details of New Beginning, its upcoming update

Gala Networks Europe, has presented more details for the upcoming update of Flyff, New Beginning, that comes on December 15th 2011 on French and German servers. has decided to listen to community feedback and merge servers on both markets with the launch of New Beginning. Servers for both languages will be merged to create two new ones and bring players closer together again.

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New Beginning will introduce three brand new and unique dungeons on land, in the sky and underwater that will be available in both normal and master level modes. All adventurers who always wanted to see the world from another angle should enter the Euphresia Dungeon. Huge flowers and plants in vibrant colours, beautiful and cute botanical monsters are the characteristics of this new dungeon located near Darkon. Available for players from level 75 up Euphresia will showcase a new atmosphere with floating green dust.

The three-floor Sanpres Dungeon will be located in the south of Harmonin between earth and sky, where the flying vessel had to make an emergency landing. Despite the crew has left the captain is eagerly defending the vessel against monsters while awaiting help from players who reached level 105 or higher.

Last but not least New Beginning will see the introduction of the first underwater dungeon Hernoes. All players from level 90 up will be able to discover the 2 floor refuge of Hernes where evil mermaids, krakens and other terrifying monsters will await only the bravest adventurers of Madrigal.

Additionally new quests, monsters, weapons and many other things will be added,while new and revamped game mechanics will be included to make the game more appealing to more players than ever.

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