Flyff has started the closed beta of its new expansion V18: Renaissance

Flyff has launched the Open Beta for its new expansion, V18: Renaissance.

The expansion comes with some new dungeons, great weapons, and lots of new quests. The final version Flyff V18: Renaissance will go live at the end of November.

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The open beta introduces 3 new mid- to high-level instanced dungeons. Slip into a dreamlike world of towering mushrooms and beautifully deadly nymphs in the Isles of Euphrasia, or dive into the Coves of the Ancients among tooth-finned sharks and shambling kelp monsters. Players can even partake in a mission to rescue royal airships hijacked by the evil Silverwing Clan.

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While old players will no doubt appreciate this early look at all Renaissance has to offer, new players can also take advantage of a rare opportunity to breeze through Flyff with huge experience boosts and level up events that give new items for every level reached. This fast-paced experience lets players explore all past and new challenges, experiment with the best items, and master the game side-by-side with dedicated members of the Flyff community.

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