First Look at Rift: Free to Play


Check out our video as we get a first look at the world of Telara, the setting for the recently turned free-to-play MMORPG Rift from Trion Worlds. High fantasy where two factions do battle against each other and generally go around the world hunting down “rifts”; huge gaping elemental tears in the fabric of the world that spawn monsters and are generally considered to be a bad thing. If left untouched the monsters that spawn will ultimately take over large portions of the map, creating a truly dynamic world that the players own actions will directly affect.

A number of different classes and races, the game from the offset doesn’t exactly try to redefine the genre, but with a little time and patience you get to experience a lot more of the interesting end game features. Looks great, plays smoothly, and if you want to try something new (albeit the game has been around two years) then you probably won’t go wrong with Rift.