First content update for Dynasty Warriors

First content update for Dynasty Warriors

Aeria Games, will be releasing Heavenly Strike on Monday, March 14, the first content update for its action packed title Dynasty Warriors Online which includes over a dozen new features.

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“The content is massive and we’re glad to give the players what they have been expecting,” said Brian DeSanti, associate producer of Aeria Games. “The players are expecting a lot from this content and I believe there is more than enough to satisfy them.”

Hack and slash your way through these new features:

· Musou Tournament System: Allows players to form teams and participate in tournaments in game to prove who is the deadliest.

· Diao Chan’s Plot Scenario: Players will now be able to choose from 5 factions, including the faction of the infamous LuBu

· Beautician NPC: Beautician has been added along with a “Beauty Treatment” system that allows players to alter their face, facial features, hairstyle, complexion and eye color.

· Peach Tree Garden: A neutral city for all factions to communicate and trade.

· Kunlun Mountains Battleground: New Battleground for players that unites factions to fight through instanced battles

· Lieutenant Elephant: Players can utilize Lieutenant Elephant for battle or can be used to ride.

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