Firefall Has a Launch Date


After a veeeery long beta phase, Firefall, the open-world MMOTPS from Red5, will be officially launched on July 29 with two new continents and several new story-driven instances coming with the release.

We designed a game with an extremely passionate and talented team,” said James Macauley, CEO of Red 5 Studios. “But Firefall wasn’t complete until we were able to incorporate the invaluable feedback from our enthusiastic community during the beta period. Firefall is as much their game as it is ours.

The game will be available for free, however, users will be able to buy  special packs with unique goodies such as a concept artbook, digital soundtrack and unique vehicles.

Players will be able to explore a huge open world, from New Eden to Devil's Tusk, filled with dynamic events, campaign missions and exciting quests. Get ready to put your hands on a deep PvE experience with unique features such as Chosen incursions and a whole open-world PvP continent to test your skills against other players.

The update we are releasing for launch will be the largest update we have ever had,” said Macauley. “It will quadruple the amount of world space in Firefall and add roughly 15-times the amount of content we have had previously in Beta.

If you want to know more about Firefall, check out our profile by clicking on the "info" button below. And very soon we'll be re-visiting it, so you can expect an upcoming reeview.


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