Fight for Freedom along with Asterix


"These Romans are crazy!". Does it sound familiar? Whether or not, from now on you will have your opportunity to participate in the uniquely Gaulish sport of roughing up Roman legionnaires in the Gamigo's latest free to play browser title Asterix & Friends. Time to prove that not all of Gaul has been conquered.

"The browser game Asterix & Friends is an absolute must for every true Asterix fan, promising a great deal of fun with the indomitable Gauls," enthuses Remco Westermann (Co-CEO of gamigo AG). "We are extremely excited that Asterix & Friends is now part of our portfolio."

Set in a detailed comic-style world, in Asterix & Friends players get to fight side by side with Asterix and the others gauls against the Roman Empire and expand their own village. It's a stragegy building browser game with a wide range of buildings and decorations to choose from.

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