Fiesta Online has released its latest update Malephar’s Lair

Fiesta Online has released its latest update Malephar's Lair

Fiesta Online has released its latest update, Malephar's Lair.

The new add-on comes with many major updates that will delight higher level players and deliver some other features and improvements that the community can rally around.

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The players at level 105, now can try to take down the newest and hardest boss in Fiesta Online, Malephar.

There are 2 new mini-bosses that must be killed before reaching Malephar’s Lair. These are some of the most exciting battles seen so far in Fiesta Online and are a good warm-up for going up against Malephar himself.

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In addition, players at Level 105 have 10 brand new sets of armor to equip. There are also 11 new legendary weapons which offer a significant upgrade to players at higher levels.

To round out the update, certain balancing issues have been addressed concerning buffs, skill damage and powers of the Archer, Fighter, Cleric and Joker classes.

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