Fiesta Online gets abattle royale update

Fiesta Online gets a battle royale update
Fiesta Online gets abattle royale update

The new update adds a plethora of exciting content to the colorful Anime-MMORPG, including a new Kingdom Quest, where players can fight in the new Battle Royale mode – Onslaught for Fiesta Online.

Gamigo is excited to announce that their Online RPG Fiesta Online will receive its own Battle Royale Mode. Daring players can delve right into the feature through a newly added Kingdom Quest and access a completely new map to participate in an exhilarating battle for glory.

Unique rewards await the victors of the Battle Royale, including the Runic Aura, which cloaks the players in a mesmerizing golden light. A dedicated leaderboard will display the mightiest adventurers of Fiesta Online for everyone to see. Only one player will emerge victorious from the vicious fighting on the battlefield. To make this quest for power even more challenging, a dome will continuously close in on the players, dealing massive damage to the ones who find themselves outside of its protection. Special buffs and Battle Hammers will aid the players in their fighting.

More information about the mystical MMORPG Fiesta Online and the latest update can be found on the official website, click on the PLAY button.

Source: Gamigo - Gamigo Group - Fiesta Online

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Source: Gamigo -Fiesta Online

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  1. Nico October 9, 2019 at 1:35 PM -

    I play Fiesta Online, sure we will enjoyed the update

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