Faxion Online releases some new screenshots

True Games has released today new screenshots of its upcoming MMORPG, Faxion Online, currently in open beta, which detail mid-scale PVP action between the factions of Heaven and Hell.

Today’s epic batch of screens brings a new depth to the PVP system not seen before.

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"It is all too easy to get caught up in PVP and forget everything around you. Work just doesn't seem as satisfying as killing those white-wing freaks!" said Mike Madden, Creative Director at UTV True Games while furiously pounding his keyboard. "We were always destined to be good; we were always destined to be evil - now with lighting fast PVP we can see our games and our gamers achieve unimagined levels of greatness."

Click image for larger version. Name:	fxfp6.jpg Views:	92 Size:	165.4 KB ID:	7352Click image for larger version. Name:	fxfp5.jpg Views:	97 Size:	234.9 KB ID:	7353Click image for larger version. Name:	fxfp4.jpg Views:	94 Size:	169.9 KB ID:	7354Click image for larger version. Name:	fxfp1.jpg Views:	92 Size:	271.3 KB ID:	7355Click image for larger version. Name:	fxfp3.jpg Views:	97 Size:	154.0 KB ID:	7356Click image for larger version. Name:	fxfp2.jpg Views:	95 Size:	299.8 KB ID:	7357

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