Farm Kingdom has revealed today the newest details of its first mini-game

Mail.RU Games, has revealed today the newest details of the first mini-game of their newest social game Farm Kingdom.

In addition to working their own farms, players tend their animals, pass the time until their harvest ripens by playing mini-games and help their friends to whip their gardens into shape.

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The first mini-game players will encounter is just a click away from their main farm, and has some of the most compelling game rewards.

Take a stroll down to the Fishing Docks, where players can enjoy a fishing game that's easy to begin but challenging to master. The ever-helpful Tutorial Turtle is on hand to teach new visitors how to reel in their dream catch and embark upon a fantastic journey of fishy fun.

"We spent a lot of time fine-tuning the challenge and enjoyment of the fishing game, and we're excited about the player feedback we've received from our Open Beta," says Malte Werner, Product Manager of Farm Kingdom. "The only problem we have now is the whole office is addicted to fishing and the competition is fierce as we wait to see which GM will land the biggest fish!"

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