Fallen Earth is now Free2Play

GamersFirst has announced that Fallen Earth has completed its transition to be Free2Play.

Now all the players are now able to download the game, play it for free and have the option to subscribe to a special VIP subscription.

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Players with active subscriptions prior to the October 12 Free2Play transition will automatically convert to the top-tier Commander Premium Subscription, and qualify for all of the Fallen Earth Veteran reward packages, including monthly gifts, wardrobe slots, and a permanent discount on the Commander Premium subscription.
You can see the details of the various types of subscriptions and various in-game events in the official website.

In addition, to celebrate the transition, all the players will receive a special mount, a Spiked Chopper, that can be used to travel throught the wasteland.

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“It’s always a gamble when a company takes an existing MMO from subscription to Free2Play, but the Fallen Earth community and its veteran players have been overwhelmingly supportive,” said Joseph Willmon, associate game director for GamersFirst. “We wanted to find a way to extend a thank you to subscribers for their continued support and feedback”

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