Exclusive video of Rusty Hearts presenting Tude

Today we show this exclusive video introducing Tude one of the three playable characters in Rusty hearts.

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Tude Macleod is a lifelong wanderer. In his travels he was attacked by a wolf. He managed to slay the beast, but not after it broke off one of its huge teeth inside his chest. Strangely, the wound healed quickly, sealing the tooth within his body. Before long, Tude discovered that the wolf’s bite and its tooth were having an effect on his body. His arm turned into a wicked claw that he keeps hidden within a bulky gauntlet.

He was traveling from town to town to avoid arousing suspicion when he stumbled into Bramunez on a whim. In a serious case of wrong place at the wrong time, Tude was sealed within Curtis Castle when the Golden Seal team erected the barriers to trap Vlad inside. He joins up with Frantz and Angela once they enter the main levels of Curtis Castle.

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