Exclusive Tribal Trouble 2 closed beta keys giveaway

F2P is teaming up with GameSamba and Gameitems.com to offer you 1000 beta keys for the closed beta of Tribal Trouble 2.

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To get your key, you need to introduce your email address below, and then follow the steps below to enter to the closed beta.

Step 1. Go to the Tribal Trouble 2 website Here

Step 2. Click the button that says 'FREE SIGN UP!'

Step 3. Enter your details and the 10 digit Beta Key Code

Step 4. Make a quick note of your username & password

Step 5. Click the button that says 'PLAY NOW FOR FREE'

Step 6. Enter your username & password one more time to play

All players who take part in the Tribal Trouble 2 Closed Beta will be able to get a head start in the game. From this point forward all user data will kept when the game launches for real later next month. This means you will keep every achievement, every piece of gold and every enhancement you acquire during the Tribal Trouble 2 Closed Beta.

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About this game:

Tribal Trouble 2 is a browser-based RTS game that takes place in the zany age of the Vikings. You are the Chief of a Viking tribe and are responsible for making a name for yourself by conquest and skill.

First you must build up your home town. Build and upgrade buildings to give yourself advantages in battle, access to new missions and flashy perks. You take on the role of a Viking chieftain and lead your tribe to conquer or defend islands.

The most quests you complete the more gold you acquire. With that gold you can buy new troops, upgrades and cosmetic items for your chieftain. Lead your Vikings to islands to drive off enemies and find treasure. As you progress you will gain loot to fund more expeditions. Try to unlock and defeat all the island challenges. Then for a real challenge you can compete against other players for glory and loot.

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